Carbon Footprint

It represents the quantity of greenhouse gas attributable to an organization (group, company, institution) or to a product. Organizational carbon footprint derives from all the activities carried out by an organization.
Product carbon footprint derives from all the production processes that are needed to manufacture that product.

Carbon Disclosure

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an international initiative aiming to evaluate regularly the strategies
that the most important companies in the world use to fight Climate Change, for example, by monitoring companies’ policies and energy performances and their ability to manage economic opportunities and climate related risks.

Carbon Footprint

It is a series of financial instruments that allow companies to compensate for their emissions of carbon dioxide. Carbon Offsets are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent: if a company buys 1 carbon offset, it compensates for the emission into the atmosphere of 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent or greenhouse gases equivalent.