We face climate change
by educating on sustainability

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"This #EarthDay we have two crisis: one is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The other is a slowly building disaster for our climate. The world was not prepared for the novel coronavirus but we still have time to prepare in every part of the world for the climate crisis."

Leonardo Di Caprio
on Facebook, April 2020

"We only have one planet. You can't live in a bubble where you think what you do doesn't have an impact on any other creature. We're living that to the extreme now; we're seeing how everyone's actions affect us all."

Natalie Portman for the
magazine People, April 2020

"The EU is showing the way on #ClimateChange with its Green Deal and with corporations [...], pledging to end use of #PFAS (forever chemicals) in products and supply chains. There is a real opportunity for citizens to raise their voices together and call for change."

Mark Ruffalo on Instagram,
February 2020

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