Rete Giovani 2021

Rete Giovani 2021
Updated in November 2020

EnvironPeople is part of a network of Italian youth organisations who joined the Piano Giovani 2021.

Rete Giovani 2021 is composed of dozens of youth organisations who wish to represent young people in the political debate. This network aims to develop concrete proposals and present them to institutions, by defining specific goals and topics that are crucial to the future of young generations.

The first initiative promoted by the network consists of the creation of the Piano Giovani 2021.

Piano Giovani 2021

This document presents a series of proposals about three main topics: Inclusive Society, Innovation Culture and Environmental Sustainability. Each of them delves into further subcategories, including work placement of young people, gender equality, digitalisation, youth entrepreneurship, circular economy and waste management, energy transition and sustainable tourism.

In July 2020 Rete Giovani sent a letter to the Italian Government, presenting its initiative and a first draft of the Piano Giovani 2021.

The "Stati Generazionali" Event

On December, 12th from 3 to 7 pm, the online event “Stati Generazionali” organised by Rete Giovani will take place. The main goal of the event is to present the Piano Giovani 2021, in order to get closer to Italian institutions and make its proposals more concrete.